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Jordan Aero Flight "Hulk Hogan" exposure commercial information 2013-12-08 22:39:33 we brought you this Jordan Aero Flight "Hulk Hogan" today. Hulk Hogan, American professional wrestler, has won the WWE championship many times. Make a great contribution to professional wrestling, and bring it into the entertainment and sports world. The flame like color matching is enough to prove the legend of Hulk Hogan life and his unique brilliant experience. The new Jordan Aero Flight "Hulk Hogan" currently exposed the market information, like friends can continue to pay attention to. Jordan Aero Flight "Hulk Hogan"" item: 524959-785 expected release date: November 2012 expected sale price: $130 not from September the trend of "earthquake" recovered? The new gray color matching Reebok Sock Runner and Pump Supreme will be sold on October 14th, and will be bombed again! 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Only this pair of Michael · Jordan's classic shoes will also be the first time for the mass public offering, with high quality white leather shoes design build, the classic red cheap air jordans online burst pattern elements into the shoes, simple and yet bright, red outsole and finally carrying shoes echoes details. So far, there's no other release information, and friends like us can keep our eyes on the story. whether you call it " ", "Columbia Blue" or "UNC", this pair of originated in 2001; Air Jordan 11 Low will be back in the summer. Light blue paint collocation translucent ice blue outsole, fresh and moving, very suitable for summer wear. Like Air Jordan 11 Low friends, please look forward to it! before the online exposure of the black version of the KAWS x Air Jordan; 4 did not (or if Weakness lends wings to rumours. shoe maker accidentally touched). Jordan, vice president of Brand design David Creech personally wore this KAWS x Air Jordan 4 black relatives limited edition, in addition to color, and flowers gray version details almost identical. Of course, we can only enjoy it.Nike Sportswear in June released a new Gold Hypervenom Note Series, and one of the Nike Free Flyknit Chukka is to leave a very deep impression, now this release more HD picture for everyone to enjoy. The continuation of the classic for design, the grey Flyknit knitting uppers and shoe body, with gold in the bottom and ink and Free outsole, the overall style is low-key and restrained without losing quality. a-closer-look-at-the-nike-free-flyknit-chukka-gold-hypervenom-1.jpg (97.72 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Flyknit Chukka Gold Hypervenom 2014-7-1 17:40 upload a-closer-look-at-the-nike-free-flyknit-chukka-gold-hypervenom-2.jpg (99.32 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Flyknit Chukka Gold Hypervenom 2014-7-1 17:40 upload a-closer-look-at-the-nike-free-flyknit-chukka-gold-hypervenom-3.jpg (122.79 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Flyknit Chukka Gold Hypervenom 2014-7-1 17:40 Nike Free Flyknit Chukka upload , Gold, Hypervenom 00Today, the fourteenth Haining China Leather Fair kicked off. This will be " foamposites for cheap yampi Peabo fashion exhibition, Haining style" as the theme, which lasted 3 days, Haining City, Haining China Chinese cowboy shoes leather city square, Haining Chinese Leather City online trading center opening ceremony, famous brand of the company released special, "shadow king", the first reflecting many activities. This will highlight Peabo,; today, the fourteenth session of the Haining China Leather Fair kicked off. This will be "yampi Peabo fashion exhibition, Haining style" as the theme, which lasted 3 days, Haining City, Haining China Chinese cowboy shoes leather city square, Haining Chinese Leather City online trading center opening ceremony, famous brand of the company released special, "shadow king", the first reflecting many activities. This will be the highlight of a lot of Peabo, first is the shoes Square and Chinese Cowboy City opened; in addition, the world's largest supplier of Copenhagen fur fur company and Haining Leather City Chinese together, will be in Haining on the Copenhagen - Peabo will be at the opening ceremony of the unveiling of the fur; large-scale concert, the two session of the 2006, 2007 more than a good man and Li Quan, Xiao Qiang, Kenji Wu and Landy Wen will be singing portrait, the stars are also preparing joint model Wang Wenqin, Tong Chenjie, the common interpretation of leather, cowboy style, intimate contact close with the audience. (Editor: admin).In August show that Jordan Brand for women shoes fans to create Jordan Future Gold again to release making plans, I believe that soon will announce the sale of information, interested friends can pay close attention to. This kind of shoe with golden tones, and the strong reflective material produced in the bottom, and inside by the black, finally with blue crystal bottom. air-jordan-future-gold.jpg (157.34 KB, download number: 12) download Jordan Future Gold 2014-9-14 10:36 Jordan Future Gold, upload, nouveau riche gold 00Nike Basketball recently to jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black James guest starred in the movie "Trainwreck life" remains as the design inspiration, brought new color design for LeBron 12 Low. This orange mesh shoe body color, with color decorative layer, and later with Swoosh by luxury gold decoration. nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck1.jpg (235.82 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:39 upload nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck-1.jpg (227.74 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:38 upload nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck-2.jpg (152.65 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:38 upload nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck-3.jpg (194.19 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:38 upload nike-lebron-12-low-trainwreck-4.jpg (246.87 KB, download number: 0) download Nike LeBron 12 Low Trainwreck 2015-7-22 12:38 upload Nike 00June 24 morning, Deputy General Manager Xu Zhihua, Peak Group has just walked into the office, they received a United States Basketball League (NBA) Houston Rockets player Shane? Battier overseas telephone call. 29-year-old Shane Battier Rockets in position behind the two stars Yao Ming and McGrady. Since Yao Ming joined NBA, the Rockets have become the most popular team in China. Last summer, Shane Battier and professional basketball equipment manufacturers Pick company signed endorsement contracts, and by virtue of the "I can play (I can)," the ad for the Chinese people are well known. In ten minutes the phone, Shane invite Xu Zhihua immediately flew to the United States, on recent trade rumors with the Rockets rise to talk about. After Since May replaced the head coach, Shane Battier offensive and defensive about the Rockets will have to leave a message began to spread, and touched the hearts of two rival Chinese sports each other's nerves. Rockets owner Leslie Alexander shares the Olympic competitor recently ANTA Sports Pro jordan 3 katrina 2018 ducts Company. And another two weeks, July 10, Anta listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange will. speculation that it is in cooperation with the Rockets owner of Anta, which leads to Olympic spokesperson Battier might leave. This hope will Pick a fight "world brand" Xu Zhihua is undoubtedly a double blow. He almost did not think, in at 13:00 on June 25 boarded the flight to New York to carry out rescue operations Battier. "Shane is definitely transfer rumors." US local time at 2:00 on June 29, just and Rockets president Ted? Brown and Shane Battier of brokers met Xu Zhihua He said in a firm voice telephone interview with reporters in New York. Shane gold Hua Xu's father Xu Jing Nan founder of Peak Group, the main business shoes, shoes, clothing, bags and other sports equipment and equipment in 1989. brand building of the road Jingnan is from sponsors National Basketball League A Bayi began. In more than a decade's time, CBA has been the Olympic Ares spokesman Liu Yudong. 7 years ago after graduating from Sichuan University, Xu Zhihua joined his father's company. After he took office, deputy general manager to the company's transformation is the implementation of international brands. Since 2004, the Olympic providing sports equipment to Uzbekistan, the Greek national basketball team player. 2005 has brought to the European Basketball All-Star Game and the "Stankovic Continental Champions Cup", with the Australian national team at the same time to establish a cooperative relationship. 2005 In September 2009, Xu Zhihua and taking the time to play a handful of aerospace marketing. By sponsoring the "Shenzhou VI" astronaut equipment, Pick declared himself become the "China's space industry partners." These do not allow Xu Zhihua satisfied. After Yao Ming and other Chinese players have appeared the NBA, he began to set their sights set on the top events. "Chinese people are very fond of rockets, rocket China has almost become jordans on sale mens a home." Xu Zhihua told reporters. 2005 In December 2009, a cost of $ 4,000,000 and Olympic Yao Ming played for the Houston Rockets signed two years, the NBA became the first to break into the Chinese sports brand. Houston home Olympic thereafter appear in English and billboards. roll ads arena Xu Zhihua just a first step. He hoped that the Rockets made him more articles. The following year in September, announced in Beijing in hand Pick one "rocket iron triangle" of Shane Battier as its spokesperson. Xu Zhihua immediately launched Battier generation, sales of Olympic products will soon have the "immediate" growth. Hua Xu Olympic dreams can be as Nike and Adidas, as a world brand. However, shares of rivals ANTA Rockets owner, as well as the possible transfer Battier seemed unfavorable to his plans. Anta get involved? and, like Pick, Anta has also been seeking to expand the brand's influence. 1999, Anta please endorsement Kong Linghui in the CCTV start advertising. "I choose, I like," the advertisement disseminated. 2000 Sydney Olympic champion Kong Linghui get significantly enhance the ANTA brand awareness. In the same year, Anta sports shoes national market share rose to second place. 2004 Athens Olympics, Anta once again invited Wang Hao table tennis team, women's volleyball team Feng Kun endorsement, the new commercials and achieved good results. For Pick, this is a formidable competitor. The expected July 10 may make Anta unleashed on financing listed at Hong Kong Stock Exchange. June 26, Anta available worldwide beginning in the Hong Kong shares ended June 29 sale is expected to raise funds exceed HK $ 3 billion. This will make it the largest market capitalization of Chinese sporting goods company. Raising when Li Ning Company is listed on the Hong Kong in 2004 amounted to HK $ 400 million. according to a preliminary prospectus, Rockets owner Leslie Alexander will hold a 10% stake in Anta, approximately HK $ 234 m air jordan 11 space jam for sale illion. Bloomberg reported that the holders of shares of Alexander will have a one-year lock-up period, during which he will become the largest foreign shareholder of Anta. stop, the newspaper has not received a response on this matter Anta to press time. rescue operations in extensive media coverage, and Shane Battier may transfer and Anta in a series of actions related to the capital market. Whether true or false, "save Shane" It is imperative for Xu Zhihua. After arrived in New York, Xu Zhihua first NBA headquarters and communication, and has been "relevant Battier transfer rumors," the reply. "I have come to the United States is to understand the situation, related to the transfer of Shane news is rumors, do not listen." US local time on June 27 morning, Xu Zhihua after communication with the NBA headquarters in a New York hotel, he told reporters by telephone: "I know a lot of Chinese fans are like Shane Battier, as his sponsor, we have a responsibility to make him stay in the Rockets." Alexander comes to investment Anta, Zhi-Hua Xu said, "This investment will not have any effect on us. is a commercial contract between us and Shane Battier. business is business investment is investment, there is no necessary connection between the two. Chinese people way of thinking like the two things linked to such worries are unnecessary. " " Battier joined us played a very good market response. Consumers like rockets and Batty Seoul, will be to support the Olympic, there are a lot of customers to join, they are also directed to Shane. "Xu Zhihua said. He did not talk about the impact might be if Shane left the Olympic cause. But he said that even if this really happens, Peak will perform unfinished contract with Shane. But he said, Pick's development will not only sign a star. "He (Battier) is not our only one point in the future we countersigned more stars." After these words of the reporter, Xu Zhihua then went to Houston in the day to rocket top teams face to face to express his wishes, and further cooperation between the two sides to communicate. In a subsequent high-level meeting with the Rockets, the Rockets CEO Xu Zhihua Brown conveyed the "wishes of the Chinese fans," and he received a reply Rockets is: "No sell Battier intention. " China Merchants NBA marketing In China sports marketing network president Zhu Xiaoming opinion, by the Rockets to expand brand awareness, almost every Chinese sports goods business pursuit. NBA basketball as the highest temple, many sporting goods providers are hoping to squeeze in. Rockets Yao Ming is an exception where even more sought after. "with Yao Ming of the Rockets have enough exposure, in CCTV5 have enough influence." Zhu Xiaoming said. He believes that the sale of the Olympic Battier is "very worthwhile. Chinese sports industry inside nobody picked up the sale so cheap." In the past season, because of Yao Ming and McGrady two generals have been wounded, Shane Battier for a time became the spiritual leader of the Rockets, the rapid growth of Chinese fans are most One favorite NBA players. And just in the Rockets firmly secured the main location Hayes also recently received the first of his career in a commercial contract. China's leading sporting goods industry, Li Ning company invited him as spokesman. But the Rockets players, after all, is limited, not every Chinese company can have the opportunity to have financial capacity "climb on it." Thus, Lenovo, Mengniu and other enterprises by sponsoring this whole NBA to expand marketing. "propaganda Mengniu milk makes it a long one, strong, which is consistent with the image of the NBA is one of the NBA to expand the use of sports marketing more successful Chinese companies." Zhu Xiaoming said. He suggested that Chinese companies when looking for sports marketing partner, the best would be to find a marketing partner, "NBA is a special partner will be marketing." For Alexandria shares Anta, Zhu Xiaoming believes that with the rapid development of China's sports industry a big background. ". American businessmen optimistic about China's sports apparel industry," said Zhu Xiaoming, "Alexander chose to invest Anta, because Erke listed in Singapore, the dish is too small; Li Ning, the company's future growth space now is still uncertain; while color not listed Olympic family business heavier than Anta " Zhu Xiaoming believes that" world brand "is not just Olympic dream, this is Li Ning, Anta and special steps such as the company's dream. But the realization of dreams is still very far away now. "China Business success within a short time can not be a world brand, was able to get the world's capital. China's sportswear industry must be a better foothold in the Chinese market. As long as the Chinese market well, international Capital naturally came to the door. " As Shane brokers in China, Zhu Xiaoming Xu Zhihua went to the United States does not agree can save Shane argument. He said that the players themselves to sign a contract with the sponsor, the club is not the tube, because the club has no income from the inside. "If the players want to change the coach, the players brought difficult impact on him." He also said that from the perspective of professional basketball, Battier will definitely stay, "Batty Seoul broker and president of Houston Rockets in the United States and officially gave me the message saying he may have to stay in Houston. " Transfers in many sports are unexpected, Xu Zhihua rescue operations Battier ultimate success, time will tell.In order to celebrate the Losangeles fashion buyers shop Ron Herman Japan Japan branch was established in 5th anniversary, specially with PUMA together to build a joint anniversary series. The cooperation between the two sides chose PUMA as one of the most popular Suede shoes as the blueprint, the shoe body contour in addition to the traditional classic suede fabric, logo location selected gray fur processing, in addition, the joint series is also equipped with a gray, dark blue, black, red, pink sky blue, 6 color options, each color are priced at 18000 yen. puma-x-ron-herman-japan-5th-anniversary-suede-collection-1.jpg (96.74 KB, download number: 0) download PUMA x Ron Herman Japan Suede 5th anniversary joint Memorial 2014-8-27 09:13 PUMA Ron Herman Japan upload, Suede, 00Time: 2015-04-14 15:23 source: Chinese leather net Author: click on the network: export data of Brazil Foreign Trade Secretariat released in 2015 March showed that leather exports totaled $256 million, an increase of 1.2% last year; in February year-on-year growth of 30.9%. In March, Brazil leather exports for 3 million 244 thousand, 2 million 506 thousand than in February increased by 2... Secretariat of Brazil foreign trade export data released in 2015 March showed that leather exports totaled $256 million, an increase of 1.2% last year; in February year-on-year growth of 30.9%. March, Brazil leather exports for 3 million 244 thousand, 2 million 506 thousand than in February increased by 29.4%. data report released from the Brazil Leather Association can be seen in the three major markets of Brazil leather exports for China, Italy and the United states. In 2015 March, Brazil China gross leather exports was $222 million, down 19.8%. Brazil leather export type salt wet skin, wet blue, split leather, two leather and finished leather. Before 2015 March, in addition to the two layer of leather exports increased 17% than other types of leather fell. (Editor: Asia Footwear)This month Fieg and Asics Ronnie for designer shoe Gel Lyte V, that is quite busy. Following the recently in the forthcoming Gel Lyte Instagram notice V Sage, yesterday took another designer Gel Lyte V "Rose Gold" offering information published in Instagram. The shoe will be on sale in August 30th. Source: Instagram