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New type of Nike Kyrie 1 Shoes are the actual well received famous aboard shoes or boots' dealer, while the Nike basketball shoes are typically commonly series among the Nikes the following years, this series skteboard Boots looks very neat. The actual coloful sheme fresh, generous shoes or boots when using the unique white image, those shoes are inspired with the warm individual designed plus sold brand.Nike dropped several tonal canvas version of 2015 Authentic Nike Kyrie 1 Shoes in the market which were agreeable, but certainly didn??t include any specific outlandish design or payment fabrics which many Nike supporters have get to love by using releases just like the Nike Shoes. Nike brand in the unique position to design and design and alternative fashion, attractive, trendy, choice, and the correct combination connected with skateboarding, has become popular in addition to perhaps america Shoe much popular community with the new company.And they are on discount sale on our Kobe And KD Shoes website. Kyrie 1 Shoes Received Good Reviews On Their S" /〉 I like this news,and it's from , Adidas Racer Lite shoe officially ushered in the summer for fresh white color. The breathable mesh upper is constructed on the arch system and extends throughout the shoe. In addition, the suede heel and stretch rubber midsole improves the shoe design and highlights the overall texture. At present, the shoes can be purchased in Limited stores such as Titolo, and the retail price is 90 euros. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- extended reading -- -- -- -- -- -- every day at six, on the way home from school, the 1626 WeChat public number makes you home! shops | know these shoes shop term you wouldn't be cheated + shoe sale secret right! shopping, | NB996 who is the most popular host of Hunan satellite TV?! Anatomy of Hunan TV gene! By the end of , the "/1626 tide community" was finally closed! black slang. What can't be used indiscr cheap air jordans online iminately?! Chinese students were used to guns! - - - - - - - - - - to the tide recommended - - - - - - - - - - Asics, X, Atoms, Gel, Lyte, V, Camo joint camouflage shoes pays tribute to the history of Originals Adidas Originals Trefoil Logo infused with modern energy! Nike Air Max 93 "Persian Violet" color classic color, it can be less? Adidas, Originals, Racer, Lite all black color release comments on : infused with modern energy! Nike Air Max 93 "Persian Violet" color matching next article: classic color, it can be less? Adidas, Originals, Racer, Lite all black color releaseunder the dome, haze is a runner's pain. our car is ten years increased by nearly one million, in 2010 an increase of cars in Beijing is 80 million, all these front end together, can be discharged from Beijing to Shenzhen, from Shenzhen to Beijing, as a result is the biggest source of PM2.5 in Beijing is a motor vehicle, accounted for 31.1%. a city a year of haze days to 200 days or more, you'll never guess it turned out to be Hangzhou, the city of marathon, in the most popular marathon selection, ranking third. Such a person people yearning for the city, but also to the national per capita number of vehicles in the city is the highest, average every two people have a car, the motor vehicle pollution rate reached 40%. Jing Chai mentioned in his speech, cars and more pollution? Tokyo is not much more than a car in Beijing? Do not see so serious, Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission said Tokyo more than 90% people came by rail traffic, less than 6% of the people in the car only. then what about Beijing? 35% people in the car, and in the center of the city basic so blocking a, a parking an idling emission is two times, a brake release of heavy metals will be more, so every day when the peak of Beijing, six ring within the hourly PM2.5 emissions is 1 ton. below this group of data may be most people blush: Beijing people drive within five kilometers of the number, cheap jordans for sale 44%, nearly half. the 12% of them are in two kilometers. 7% people are in a kilometer or less. a kilometer is what the concept, I think for running clear however, for a beginner runner may need eight or nine minutes, for a man who often run may is four or five minutes of a thing, and the distance to it is to the concept of supermarket, food market. Jing Chai in an interview on, she does not want to encourage others call what they must do, should do, there is a compulsion. She thinks "what do people go, because my heart is love". Indeed, the original intention is to investigate Jing Chai, daughter. I think every love running, love life, because they have some special care before the start of it, so we should do what? 1, if we travel in the five km range, select run! Obviously this way to travel advantage, but in time consumption, up to 15 minutes drive slower than that on the surface look like spent 15 minutes, in fact, it adds to the length of your life. 2, if travel range at about 10 km, half running half the choice of means of transport, the benefits of doing so is that, with the accumulation of time and ability enhancement, within 10 km of travel. You can also breath running in order to complete! 3〉Kaili Erwin, who joined Nike's signature shoe player, released his first pair of shoes KYRIE1 last week. Today, Erwin debut in the KYRIE1 NIKEiD version for the first time in Broolyn. KYRIE 1 with three main advantages: Nike Zoom has turned out front air cushioning, bring accurate response, with a 360 degree dynamic grasping shoes side parcels texture, Hyperfuse structure bring super support strength and permeability, and enhance stability. KYRIE 1 is the first pair of signature shoes that launch the NIKEiD version at the time of release, which will include the following features: 19 background color 21 colors, including gold, silver, and noctilucent : the splashing effect of the middle and heel parts external bot jordans on sale mens tom type: Noctiluca, polychromatic, pure color, semitransparent, and outfield special XDR outsole - three personalized choice: on the heels of the number, acronym, is located in the interior of the tongue character signature for 10 letters . The shoelace contains two styles for choice: pure color and sawtooth pattern as part of the NIKEiD program, with the season, Erwin will wear a series of new KYRIE1 NIKEiD version of his boots. The other three Nike signature shoes athletes Kobe, Durant and James and Losangeles's Nick Yang and New York JR Smith and other players will wear boots NIKEiD version debut. The KYRIE 1 NIKEiD version can be logged to for personalized customization. The adult and teenage versions of KYRIE 1 Deceptive Red will be sold at designated retail stores in the Greater China and in January 10, 2015.Future Soldier attack Y-3 autumn and winter shoes 2013-12-08 22:10:25 Yohji Yamamoto committed to the development of new products, a steady stream of inspiration to make it in this summer launched a new product without previous. Upper lines and uneven soles completed showing a futuristic and space feeling. Inspired by the rocket launch eruption of flame, heat the fabric uppers with space technology, zipper design ingenuity.Afrokix x Absolelute customized version of the Nike Air Force 1 release 2015-09-13 11:41:27 A few days ago the two teams Afrokix custom customized with Absolelute launched a joint planning of election to Nike Air Force 1 as the blueprint for us goes to a pair of very special shoes. This time the design uses the classic black and white color tone, white shoe body, the use of Logo Afrokix as the only embellishment, but it internally into a number of elements from his home in Africa, as well as religious, basketball and music. While we are not able to understand the meaning, but purely on the shoes, is indeed full of mind, but also the perfect show the brand's atmosphere. & nbsp; jordans on sale online Nike Son of Force Mid black / Bai Jingdian debut 2013-12-08 23:42:53 Nike use family characteristics "Force" to create the Nike Son of Force Mid overwhelmed ushered in a new color. White leather upper with black Logo and details, as well as huge "Force" words, the overall design is simple and clear on the tongue, full of old-fashioned college aesthetic style, coupled with ultra-high upper cast a thick 80 Retro's atmosphere. It is reported that this shoe will be listed in the near future, number 615999-100. & nbsp; LeBron James, who favored since entering the league, has become the darling of the focus of world attention and alliances, he and Jordan to discuss the stronger ones also has not stopped, the defending champion in this season and after the MVP, but it was predicted that the future will soon surpass James Jordan, became the first person in league history, whether such speculation can be verified, we do not comment first, and now, we only know, Nike is building belongs to LeBron series Empire, just as the Air Jordan did. Not just basketball, LeBron series now influence is more to life on the street, you can see some young people wearing LeBron series of shoes, but Nike is offering a series of four special edition LeBron 10, the top of the material and unparalleled texture, are declared the world that belongs to LeBron era series began. supreme honor to celebrate the first crown LeBron 10 EXT "Cork" This pair with champagne cork inspiration for the design of LeBron 10 EXT "Cork", let us first insight into what is texture, uppers "cork" material exudes irresistible texture, while in texture behind, LeBron 10 EXT "Cork" deeper meaning is to let us rush - to celebrate the career of James's first championship trophy. Champagne is the tradition every NBA team will be there, James and Miami is no exception, compared to the traditional commemorative boots championship, LeBron 10 EXT "Cork" Whether it is t air jordan 11 space jam for sale he design inspiration from the texture or have Let us see the Nike sincerity, on the one hand "Cork" The emergence of LeBron 10 EXT last season, James successful period, the other is the way James defending biggest incentive. luxurious texture dream Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Brown Suede" This is the second time we mention the texture of the term, indeed, the four double LeBron texture 10 has gone beyond the scope of basketball shoes, they are more suitable for you to choose to match the luxury of clothing in life, and this Dual Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Brown Suede" more suited to the fashion field, LeBron 10 that the shoes had very style of basketball, plus a full suede leather uppers, a collision between the two reached a surprising effect, laces and tongue using light blue accents, make more than the texture, color insufficient Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Brown Suede" With a little bright feeling, and the use of classic crystal outsole is to let Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Brown Suede" become the people flocking to "fetish." Basketball spirit understated deep Nike LeBron 10 EXT QS "Black Mint" Behind the unparalleled texture, this LeBron 10 EXT QS "Black Mint" unexpectedly adopted a low-key color, "black-faced white" This way we commonly call color make this double LeBron 10 EXT QS "Black Mint" With the other three shoes with a different feeling, black suede uppers texture, but low-profile exceptions, but in the end white spirit if also with some of the basketball court, brown lining and laces it again Our thoughts pull back, so this double LeBron 10 EXT QS "Black Mint" is four pairs of shoes, a basketball strongest but the most low-key style version. distinctive tannins upper body Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Denim" using two pairs of suede material before LeBron 10 Let us see what is the top of the texture, in front of this double Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Denim" although the texture is also good, but it exudes a distinctive feeling, the m cheap foamposites for sale aterial is different from suede uppers tannins, luxury is concerned, although a little lacking, but the tannins material durability and unique texture is unmatched by other materials, unlike the other three, we in this pair Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Denim" who even see a little bit to do the old mark, which allows this double Nike LeBron 10 EXT "Denim" impressive. Rise Empire When you personally took the four shoes, you will feel the unprecedented texture, texture and even beyond this should bring a pair of shoes you feel, this is LeBron series, on like James, like everything on the pitch he can rule, but to the life, he became a leader of fashion, it really reminds us of the Jordan, but James is still long way to go, just part of his empire rise. Everyone is invited to participate in clan war record # #LeBron special shoes, to win the mystery prize. Special thanks venues: 8 wine Billiard Club Address: West Road, Chaoyang District, south of Dishang workers Guangcai International Apartment B1 layer 8 at Club wine Kanye perfect interpretation of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost black version debut 2015-09-12 12:43:05 Recently Kanye Kardashian and join the Givenchy fashion show, the main colors of the fashion event of the day is black, while Kanye and Kardashian also show people are black outfit. But as everyone is surprised Kanye called on wearing a new color of the adidas Yeezy 750 Boost, black suede outsole with iconic presentation. Through the screen we can feel the rich flavor of fashion! Compared with the first color, it really is easier to mix the colors currently no available information exposed, and interested friends may wish to continue to focus our follow-up reports friends. & nbsp;long awaited KD6 " What The KD" will be on sale in China on July 4th. At that time, you can log on Nike China's official website, spell a fight character, I believe that all over the counter will be developed for the popularity of this product sales plan. in the United States, Work Boots (work boots) is a very practical shoes, these shoes in the minds of Americans is the equivalent of "shoes" in most Chinese man's position - everyone should have one or two double standing. While Nike and Adidas early in this or that product has shown interest to work boots, always wanted to own comfort, the concept of exercise Americans accept, change into their production work boots, the result is obviously, Timberland and Red Wing until today is still the American brand work boots the preferred.tell me about the reason you fell in love with basketball. 1. beneficial bone growth and development 2. skill agile 3. quick thinking 4. to improve the cooperative ability of 5. improve team spirit 6. know a lot of friends, expand the circle 7. in the understanding of friends and learn more things, benefit by mutual discussion 8. to adjust the tension of the study, work and life 9. see a lot of "master" as such as dunk inspirational animation, feel their passion, follow together moved 10. get a lot of happy 11. playing basketball is more likely to find a girlfriend in fact, far more than these Oh, really good, from a healthy body. Basketball to bring health benefits, is very profound oh. list of 1. effective prevention of cardiovascular disease. basketball, as a result of muscle tension, increased cardiac work, blood supply and metabolism of the heart muscle, myocardial fiber thickening, heart wall thickening, heart volume increases, the shape of a complete, strong pulse. All this is a recipe for cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular disease is the number one killer of human life in today's world. According to the report, in our country, the people who died of cardiovascular disease in the first place. A number of studies have indicated that regular basketball can significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease formation and occurrence. 2. controls body weight and changes in body shape. excessive obesity will affect the normal physiological function of the human, in particular, it is easy to cause the heart burden, shorten the life expectancy. If a person's subcutaneous fat exceeds the normal standard of 15%-25%, then his death risk rate will increase to 30%. Because basketball can reduce fat, enhance muscle strength, keep the joints flexible, it can control the weight, improve the body shape and appearance. 3. enhances cardiac function. the often play basketball, can strengthen the function of the heart, the stroke volume is increased, the arterial wall in the membrane thickening, smooth muscle cells and elastic fibers increased; the skeletal muscle capillary distribution increases with the number, branched kiss rich; make coronary artery export growth diameter and weight increase; increase the number of myocardial capillaries, which were beneficial to include the heart itself, organ blood flow and function improved. At the same time, the basketball game also can make blood pressure drop, and can reduce the serum cholesterol level, for the prevention of hypertension, coronary heart disease has a good effect. 4. reduces the risk of diabetes. diabetes is one of the blood glucose levels are very high, if not controlled, can also cause many other health problems, such as visual impairment, and kidney and so on. Often play basketball because it can control the improvement of blood sugar levels, so that individuals have the possibility of diabetes significantly reduced. 5. to improve the digestive system.NBA regular season shoes reported 11.8 2013-12-08 23:56:34 LeBron - James: Nike LeBron 10 & nbsp; Blake - Griffin: Jordan Superfly 2 - Chris Paul: Jordan CP3.7 - Chris Anderson: Nike LeBron 10 Elite Chris Bosh -: Nike Air Max Hyperposite German - Wade: Way of Wade 2 VeteransDay Javier - Mackey: Air Jordan 13 Andre - Miller: Reebok SubLite Pro Rise Lin: Nike Hyperdunk 2012 Low James - Harden: Nike Zoom Crusader & nbsp; Chandler - Parsons: Nike Zoom Hyperdisrupter Steve - Blake: Nike Kobe 8 System & nbsp; Dwight - Howard on foot: adidas D Howard 4 & nbsp; Y-3 Qasa High new color to be on sale 2015-07-03 11:42:48 Earlier we reported for the Y-3 Qasa High of these two new colors, new beauties exposed again today, the shoes were festooned with red, black and royal blue upper, a change in its "black face of God, "the role of setting, in the new color next, creating a good energy style, but also hope that a lot of brands to launch in late rosy hue, to meet the different needs of friends. It is reported that the series is about to ascend shop shoes on sale, and interested friends can focus the next friends. & nbsp; Nike Air Flight 89 new color commercial information 2014-10-16 15:15:00 Recently Nike is Nike Air Flight 89 launched a latest color, overwhelmed by the choice of pure red designer throughout the whole shoe, black Swoosh and tongue of Air & nbsp; Flight details as outlined, black midsole use white ink as a spot modification. The main use red suede material aspects, and finally to black and red stitching outsole show. It is reported that Nike shoes official website and has landed in stores, priced at 799RMB, Item No. 306252-600, a friend might like to look at it. & nbsp; adidas Tubular Primeknit High new color series released 2015-08-19 10:29:13 Recently longer popular shoes adidas Originals adidas Tubular introduced a new color and a new body of the shoe design, overwhelmed by the designer to create Primeknit vamp, although help is rendered high, but did not affect its permeability. Black blue-gray three solid, not only for us to create a good smell trend, even more so shoes uphold the original color design. It is reported that the shoes will soon fully available for sale, and interested friends might concern you. & nbsp;