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& nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; The picture shows a newly unveiled NIKE AIR MAX 90 SAMPLE, entire shoe to return to natural green-based, top with Obscure be modified, designed to be very simple, but because of the color of feeling a little tedious, toe with "AM-90" Tiepai words, insole is also designed to become imitation wood look.from the 80s rap band Run DMC's "My Adidas" sing, Adidas Originals Superstar shoes, in the love of street culture in the generation of hearts have no alternative status. And at the end of last year after Superstar "Made in France" after the best retro masterpiece, is Adidas Originals Superstar 80s Deluxe "OG" heavy return, in addition to black and white version to wear for one hundred years is not greasy, recently also ushered in the same popular red color for sale. buy cheap jordans online Vintage contour impeccable white leather, foil eye-catching three stripes and heel clover, noble tongue gold shells, head rounded, creating a very pure blood street. {div〉 by Damir Doma as a design director C te; & Ciel can be said to be the most innovative backpack design originality of the brand, to break the traditional limitations, such as a high degree of recognition of Isar backpack with asymmetric appearance, strong sense of design, and the design inside the compartment, in addition to capacity, especially corresponding to various electronic products for different deployment and the protection of greatly enhanced. In the new winter series in more classical models are constantly improved, especially for different materials, such as the SHINE series of the practical env air jordan 11 space jam for sale ironmental protection yarn; and Ob series with similar organ shape Coated Memory material; different fabrics except show different texture, and each one has its own merits in waterproof and durability once again, bring the breakthrough. Interested friends can start with a special shop. Each brand's signature will be carefully designed, thought and rigorous creative, because once decided upon will not easily changed, just as important as a person's name. But there are some of them big and so few examples of unintentional, like skateboard originator brand is one of the vans. 1977 first appeared on the VANS Old Skool shoes Side Stripe Logo, in fact, what the designers have not been carefully designed, but is VANS founder Paul Van Doren brainwave one touch, one day suddenly free to to draw cheap air jordans down this still in the Side Stripe Logo, manuscript at the time you get the support of a partner, and ultimately the first time appeared on the classic style Old Skool, it is a model example of unintentional positive outcomes shade, but Side Stipe more always appear in the next lot of popularity among style, it has become the most classic VANS but the brand identity. & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; message here & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp; & nbsp;Nike Free Inneva Woven recently launched a new color. New in plain black as the main theme, from toe on Grey gradually become black collar, and the use of Woven knitting technology show, in plain see extraordinary. In addition to the upper Free Inneva features, Woven Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale Free is also the sole collocation of 5 feet to provide enough supporting force. The new Free Inneva Woven HAVEN has been on sale, love friends can look at. nike-free-inneva-woven-11.jpg (62.6 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Free Inneva Woven new color 2014-10-9 13:27 upload Nike 00The temperature dropped recently in Sichuan, Leshan, Yibin and other places even filled with snow. Snow boots, which are essential for cold proof, have gained a great popularity. In fact, since last year, a kind of round headed snow boots has hit the Chengdu market. "Fur, one," 5803, "genuine" outsole"...... Become the usual vocabulary of Chengdu's sister's mouth. Not only is the beauty of Chengdu, in fact the beauty are concerned about the Sichuan recently in temperature, Leshan, Yibin and ot jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black her places even filled with snow. Snow boots, which are essential for cold proof, have gained a great popularity. In fact, since last year, a kind of round headed snow boots has hit the Chengdu market. "Fur, one," 5803, "genuine" outsole"...... Become the usual vocabulary of Chengdu's sister's mouth. not just Chengdu beauty; in fact, all the beauties in the country are paying attention to this kind of shoes. Reporters on Baidu search, UGG immediately appeared "related pages about 1240000 articles", and in Taobao search UGG is "in the current classification found UGG baby 489431 pieces."". Oddly enough, when the reporters searched the two pages for "snow boots," they jumped out of this kind of looking shoe. That is to say, "snow boots" and "UGG" have basically been equated. care Retro jordans for sale ful observation, it is not difficult to find, in fact, whether in the Chengdu market or the entire domestic snow boots Market, are currently in a "three party" separatist posture. International big name, coastal manufacturer, brand shoe trader is vying for the market. Choose which side of the snow boots products more value, in fact, different consumers have different ways of mind. (editor in chief: admin)adidas adiZero Crazy Light 2 red, white and blue available information 2013-12-08 22:16:43 With the approaching Independence Day and the Olympic Games, adidas introduced this American-themed Crazy Light 2. The shoes use SprintFrame system, navy blue with white background, with red trim great taste of summer. The shoes will be available in July 2. Like a friend a lot of attention.The Asics jordan 3 katrina 2018 Tiger Gel-Lyte "Rio" series is now available for sale at 2016-08-01 12:31:19 is known as the worst Olympic Games in the history of the Rio Olympic Games will soon be opened, even so, there is no obstacle to each brand for this theme launched a new series of color shoes. The day before Asics has chosen two of its popular Lyte V and Gel Lyte model Gel III is modeled from the flag of Brazil was extracted by inspiration, respectively in blue and yellow tone, with green outline details. It is reported that the shoes are now sold in some shops, priced at 120 and 115 euros. adidas Originals Americana Hi 88 fall in new color debut 2013-12-08 23:48:49 this Adidas Originals Americana Hi 88 was born in 1970s, it has the iconic silhouette of basketball shoes of that age, although now has lef jordans on sale online t the basketball court, but as its fellow people, this shoe is still in the tide of the field glow, fever. This season, Adidas Originals brought two new color for us; Americana Hi 88, cancel the traditional leather collocation canvas fabric combination, two new color of the used material to create excellent texture of suede shoe body, and the shoe body into Americana on the last big bronzing logo, collocation white, retro taste blowing. It is learnt that these two Adidas Originals Americana Hi 88 is now on the shelves of major stores.white-collar workers often sedentary do not move, and relatively easy to obesity, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis and other diseases to it, so to prevent these diseases come up. Office building in the fast pace of work, so the exercise sho cheap foamposites uld also easy and effective, following the introduction of a set of office work exercises, as long as adhere to it, not only can avoid diseases, also can be used for health purposes. , a hair first straight to comb and brush, comb (don't use plastic or metal comb, the best is the boxwood comb, if no wooden comb, fingers can be used instead) from the forehead by the top of the head to the back of the comb brush, gradually speed up. Comb do not overexert, to avoid breaking the skin. Then the oblique comb brush. Head first down the comb, the hair comb, then comb the reverse, further down the head comb. Every minute about 20-30, 1 times a day, every 3-5 minutes. This can stimulate scalp nerve endings and head acupoints, through neural and meridian conduction function in the cerebral cortex, re jordans on sale mens gulating the meridians and nervous system, relaxation of scalp nerve, promote the local blood circulation, to eliminate fatigue, to strengthen and promote hair growth effect, on mental work is particularly appropriate. two, or daily in the morning or at night before going to bed on the head -- head acupoint stimulation, can adjust the human health. The body upright, relax. Double hand fist held in the head, natural wrist activity, tapped her fingers on the head, first from the forehead and the top of the head on both sides of the percussion hammer, and then from the center of the head on both sides of the head. The number according to their custom, generally about 50 times as well. three, five Raise hands before , at 90 degrees, hands fingers straight start. And then forced clap, the louder the better. Clap is mainly to stimulate the hands of corresponding points, generally at about 20 times. four, bath hand bath hand is a kind of health care massage. Taking the habit posture, eliminate distractions, calm the mind, Shen Ning, ear not to attend, the eye hyperopia, omphaloskepsis, his hands clasped from slow to fast rub. five, rub ear there are a lot of points on the ear. With the hands of the index finger, middle finger, ring finger three fingers, rub rub the ear, stimulate the distribution of various points in the ear. The number of times is also depending on the circumstances of each case, generally about 20 times for the degree. source: 39 Health NetworkVans Syndicate 10th anniversary series Andy Kessler Sk8-Hi sale information 2015-10-14 11:20:41 Vans Syndicate series has been born for 10 years, although the world around it has been changing, but it still maintains a unique street skateboard culture. The day before Vans launched its 10th anniversary anniversary edition series, choose the Andy Sk8-Hi based on the Kessler, the use of high-end leather uppers to create, the iconic blue laces are retained. The "NYC" logo followed by the legendary coin of Andy, a legendary hand skater in New York, was reported to be sold in Beijing and Shanghai in October 16th, and friends like to pay attention to it. Air Jordan 4 " LeJordan" personal Custom Edition appreciates 2013-12-08 23:16:42 Lebron's loyal fans know that before today's crown Logo, Nike in the Lebron series has been using a "23", "LJ", three elements of the crown Logo. With the playoffs in full swing, the custom Freaker shoes; Sneaks with hot Air Jordan 4 for the design blueprint, Jordan and Lebron will be flying the combination, to create the Air Jordan 4 " LeJordan" personal customized version. the topic of "Jordan vs. LeBron" has been talked about since Lebron first entered the league, although Lebron has stressed that he does not do another one, and the original 23 team number changed to No. 6, but this topic has not stopped. The Freaker Sneaks, with a white and red color Air Jordan 4 as the design foundation, Lebron Logo is loaded into the heel of the old version of the replacement of the original Jumpman Logo, and on the tongue loaded a Jumpman posture Miami Jersey Lebron silhouette. do not know such a topic of personal customized shoes, how do you see it?