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[Chinese shoes Network - the consumer market]. "I thought myself blessed, who knows actually lie" Yesterday, people call our hotline reflect Ada, she just bought two days in the cell door "brand name "sneakers scrapped, and hope other people do not listen to the rhetoric of promoters. & nbsp; Sanyo area of ??focus, who lives in East Street Community Hospital Lux VI district, said Ms Cheng, May 2 she came home from work and saw the cell door cell door when approaching street parking a van, car and around a lot of people, very lively. Curious Ada went closer, see what happens. "middle of the crowd put a shoe stall, two women being enthusiastically yelling 'It's all cargo big shopping malls, the original 389 yuan shoes, and now all of 50 yuan clearing'." Ms Cheng said. She glanced at the shoe stalls, found full swing Nike sneakers. Subsequently, the two women said shoe, these shoes have been sold at the mall, but poor management Withdraw from the mall, now handles the entire warehouse backlog of goods, thus losing process, they are also quite upset. To make buyers at ease, they also pledged to sell shoes Baotuibaohuan if quality problems, and their ph Cheap jordans online air jordan 11 blackout for sale one numbers of people left a pair of shoes. "I heard a big mall Withdraw down shoes, Oh, I feel earned." Ms Cheng said. She did not hesitate, and immediately give the child to buy a pair. so that Ada did not expect the children to play on weekends wearing new shoes, a ball down on the open upper gum, which led to the children by their peers make fun of a good meal. This makes Ada very angry, then call the woman's shoe phone, the result was actually empty. And when she find the shoe closer look only to find that neither the production of the shoe factory, there is no address, phone number and so on. After looking a little Ada, 50 dollars shoes to wear once, there really is not a bit expensive ah. "I hope to do to remind everyone, do not covet a moment cheap and buy low-quality shoes." Ms Cheng said. for the relevant personnel matter, the business sector, it said mobile stalls selling shoes belong to the state banned the "three noes" products. "People's Republic of China Product Quality Law" stipulates that circulation of goods, there must be Chinese name and Chinese address, phone, license number, product logo, production date, Chinese product spec jordan 3 katrina 2018 ification, when and if necessary, require limited qualitative or suggestive descriptions, all missing, inconsistent with the physical deemed substandard products. One of these requirements is missing, it can be regarded as the "three noes" products. The "three noes" products mostly from small workshop production, so low cost. These shoes are not only uncomfortable, life is short, as long as damaged, you can not wear the most. Coupled with strong liquidity traders sellers, a day for a place difficult for consumers to safeguard their rights, law enforcement is difficult to monitor. Thus, consumer is best to formal, reputable shopping malls to buy goods. (Chinese shoes Network - the most authoritative and most professional Footwear News, Media Partners: Brand News)Jordan fans, the most eye-catching annual masterpiece, Air Jordan 2012 has been in the early exposure, and this is the first time to bring this double heavyweight topic complete portrait of the whole picture. This pair of Air Jordan 2012 in a multi-layer structure composed of leather shoes, overlapping with the comprehensive utilization of full grain leather and Flywire leather technology, has the cheap air jordans characteristics of texture using the details of punching out, however, the double Air Jordan 2012 biggest selling point is its convertible boots and insole, this version of the exposure the boot is low in the ankle boots basket is empty, and the insole configuration of Air Sole Zoom before and after Air, which aims to provide a fast and restricted limb collision between two player, although at present there is no real evaluation of shoes surfaced, but Air Jordan 2012 is definitely worth all pair of shoes fans look forward to the annual flagship masterpiece. This double Air Jordan 2012 is expected to be released in February next year, everyone flying fans, please wait and see. Air Jordan 5, "white/metallic", will have its engraved version in 2015. shoes are different from the classic black silver color, but in the white leather on the basis of metal silver collocation, heel of "23" also with conspicuous silver embellishment. the difference between the shoe and the front shoe is the transparent light blue sole. the sale date of this section is to be decided, and the loved ones must continue to pay close attention to us jordan retro 14 white/fuchsia blast/black ! 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (247.35, KB) 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (223.88, KB) 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (280.2, KB) 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (283.49, KB) 2014-12-24 upload and download attachments at 15:18 (254.71, KB) [pictures from the network, FROM: Shoulee81]Nike x Sole Collector last year to launch the Hardaway shoes suit of the conference, Hardaway has been wearing a double blue Zoom Rookie LWP, the main color is blue Penny has played for the Orlando Magic, the main color is the alma mater of the University of Memphis, but I prefer Penny called it as "Memphis blue shoes". At that time, it was said that this shoe was only produced for Hardaway himself, but recently, there was news that Nike was ready to sell the color match, and the specific sale date had not yet been announced. (Editor: Chang fan) Bring black gold color Air Jordan 1 "Pinnacle" of the real appreciation, even if you can not have, may as well calm down the heart to feel, this legendary history. And the next 30 years of Jordan Brand, seems to be m buy cheap jordans online ore worth looking forward to! in June 20, global simultaneous release, while in Hongkong this week in the early sale price of HK $HK$2699, . the cool grey Air Jordan 10 " Cool Grey" will be officially on sale this Saturday.The classical collocation item: 310805-023 release date: January 25thMore than people Sneaker affect girls view on sports shoes, also influenced a generation, and we this generation is to put the cultural inheritance to the next generation, if the definition of marriage is hand and son, then the definition of a sneaker is happy to be with his wife and children with sneaker. Perhaps in the collectors eyes no more than a size of wearing the same shoes out more worthy of collection. This picture can not be compared, more hidden in the foot of the happiness. So, Sneaker, go ahead with that! and Sneaker are now many seem to give their baby wear under Air Jordan, for their own to create a wave of B, but here also to all the parents Sneaker spit on a tank, first is not to wear Air Jordan children is Xuecai tide, there are other better choice. 1 2 ; 3 next page, , next page, next wave, color matching! Nike, Air, Max, cheap foamposites Lunar90, "Suit &, Tie" series next page review shoes brand Chang Csun Yuk endorsed by LYRIQUE will soon bring the new sneaker of autumn and winter to mainland china. LYRIQUE is a French trend brand established in 1999. It has both the modern romantic tradition of France and the trendy elements of the avant-garde. In 2010, LYRIQUE carried its most representative Work Boots and Flip Flops two classic shoes to enter the interior of China. The new products included dazzle color series and national style series. Among them, the use of natural color series top leather production, and in the popular American retro style bold joined the gorgeous color, embodies the LYRIQUE innovative attitude; national style series is a change in work boots immutable and frozen feeling, with folk style pattern over the tongue to create new external visual effect. the new LYRIQUE by Taiwan artist Chang Csun Yuk personal interpretation, I believe will be the second half of this year the domestic sneaker market a new power, will officially visit the mainland China in early September 2010, please note. Nike SB Zoom P-Rod IV; New York atmos X UBIQ air jordan 11 space jam for sale 2010 autumn and winter comments on last article: Nike SB Zoom P-Rod IV New York will publish live highlights next article: atmos X UBIQ 2010 autumn and winter new productsis gaining momentum Korean brand LOW CLASSIC published a solid shoes recently, you will have the illusion of "this is not previously reported that in the shoes to see after the Reebok x Atmos Pump; Fury ?" Although this is a flagrant reference, but compared with the former easier to start, you no longer have to sold out and feel depressed, like friends can buy through the following links. single product information: price: 880 Korean brand LOW CLASSIC, pure white shoes temptation Tencent sports news Beijing time on October 29th, "Yahoo" reports, NBA (micro-blog) legend Scott Pippen was hit by the economic crisis, career earned $120 million has been squandered the best partner Michael Pippen, Jordan went bankrupt. for active players, shutdown without pay will increase their economic pressure, but they don't have to wait until the end of the lockout as long as confound, because, they can get paid, economic problems will be smoothly done or easily solved. Some players who hav jordans on sale online e retired and don't know the right financial management are more likely to get themselves into the financial crisis. Once they spend their money on their careers, their quality of life will plummet, even down and out. Not long ago, it was reported that "Dr. J" - Julius - Erwin owed bank loans, unable to return and had to raise money by auction, championship rings and other souvenirs.made public expectations of the Christo visvim x CLOT Royale last week, following the introduction of the yellow, resulting in scenes Juice shop downstairs million empty volumes, circles influx of people eager to snap up a good heart. Last buy friends does not matter, CLOT will be July 11 to re-introduce the blue version, even with Chinese silk embroidered cloth taste CLOT under blue backdrop, it is an embroidery pattern. Coupled with Visvim Christo provide shoes, the 2008 trend of the sector's top ten must buy item! & nbsp; & nbsp; selling rules are as follows: 1. chits time is 10:00 in the morning. Please line up the waterfront direction. 2. balloting time is 10:30 am. 3. Foreign ballot results will be announced immediately. 4. Instant trafficking will b Retro jordans for sale e announced later. 5. any dispute, CLOT and JUICE several maximum rights reserved.China shoes net December 31st hearing "come, eat this, nutritious."!" AOKANG Group CEO Wang Zhentao bent down to an employee of food, in December 22nd, AOKANG once a year the sub year old wine in the headquarters of the group kicked off, until the end of the month a total of nine days, more than 5000 AOKANG employees will enjoy the feast at the end of the batch, in an atmosphere of joy and harmony in the new year. year old wine scene decorated, filled with the warmth of home Wang Zhentao, President of , toasted the staff and thanked , unlike last year, AOKANG this year old wine is arranged at the group's headquarters held a canteen building, according to the person in charge said: the reason why the arrangement in the company, a security group invited outside chefs from cooking, dishes of their own procurement, to ensure the food safety; it is also called to throttle response group, not to go to the hotel the additional cost of dining, save large dining, economical and convenient. "although did not go to the senior hotel, but in the company, can eat with Wang togeth jordans on sale mens er, feeling his attention and care, we feel happy and energetic body!" The scene of a female employee said, "these years, Wang busy, rarely see him this evening, he sat next to me, give us food, with our glasses, kind of like kind as elders." Another feature of (Editor: admin) "raw material prices, appreciation of the renminbi" and other issues, so that enterprises are facing enormous pressure." Ceng Heping, vice president of Galanz group, said. Galanz, located in Guangdong, Foshan, is one of China's largest home appliance manufacturers, with an annual export value of $500 million. Ceng Heping said that copper prices soared from thirty thousand yuan per ton to more than ninety thousand yuan, and international crude oil prices have been close to $100 a barrel. Raw material prices have brought great pressure on household electrical appliance exports. Coupled with the appreciation of the renminbi, the tax rebate rate fell 4 percentage points, so that the production costs increased by at least 30% - 40%. it is understood that, in the three quarter, Guangdong enterprises production (operating) costs continue to rise, while raw materials and energy purchase price rise is the main reason for rising costs. in addition to household electrical appliance industry, textile, clothing and footwear industry is also affected greatly. "the price of raw materials rose sharply this year, the company production costs high, although take all kinds of measures of efficiency savings, we export is still affected by the." Guangdong Zhongjie shoe Limited by Share Ltd chairman He Yuling said. "as labor intensive industries, profits are already very limited, and companies can't survive without raising export prices."." He Yuling says. in addition, the high price of oil brought about by soaring tariffs, but also to reduce the profit margins of enterprises. Entered in October, Shanghai to Dubai container shipping prices have risen from 900 yuan to 1500 yuan, nearly doubled in two months. Shipping prices are rising steadily, and have a great influence on export trade. Galanz group vice president Ceng Heping said, with the prices of raw materials and the high prices of the enterprises in the challenge, must reduce management costs, through the optimization of human resources and technology, reduce the production cost; external should adopt international bidding way through the goods than three to reduce the original material price. (Editor: admin)More lightweight Puma Future Blaze Lite color released 2013-12-08 22:46:46 Puma recently released two new official color of the & nbsp; Puma Future Blaze Lite jogging shoes. This shoe is the idea of ??creating a more lightweight, shoes are the greatest degree line bonded onto the full sense of the wearer's foot, parcel excellent. In addition, the two new color in the design is very bold and avant-garde, all with four vice-laces to choose each pair of shoes, a strong collision color effect lets you say goodbye to winter haze, with a colorful design to become the winter hit the color in focus. It is reported that these two new color Puma stores in major upcoming sale this month, like a friend to try. Nike Air LeBron Slide 2 Latest color 2013-12-08 22:52:51 James Fans you can be excited about, and now we bring you the latest Nike & nbsp; Air LeBron Slide 2 a LeBron slippers. Air LeBron Slide 2. LeBron 10 by the basketball shoe design inspiration, with a diamond cutting shading, heel technology is similar to the heel technology LeBron 10, and the slippers also James' big Logo, the new color from black and Grey constitutes highlight the atmosphere, like James and friends do not miss this slippers, oh. Vans OTW 2013 autumn Bedford Boot Posted 2013-12-08 23:24:46 Although just entering the summer, but the major brands have been ready this fall. The Vans Vans OTW's high-end branch will be released exclusively for the autumn to build a pair of & nbsp; Bedford Boot shoes. Shoes shoes with a special particle grain texture leather mixed with water to create a canvas, laces and metal shoe buckle color system also adds flavor exclusively for this autumn outdoor shoes. It is reported that the shoe will be designated for sale in the shop since July in major Vans. New Balance 1600 Elite Edition 2013-12-08 22:59:27 enjoy the new color to give us the latest New Balance 1600 color sky blue color, overwhelmed by the new gray color is still used as the basis iconic , together with the sky-blue decorated, and before the red color corresponds to the blue section similar to South Beach elements, New Balance & nbsp; the fans should be very fond of this color bar.